Carlos López Solarat

When it came time to choose what to do with the university entrance exam mark, many people thought I was not «taking the best decision» when I decided to choose Biology over Medicine. But if I had something clear, it was the fact that I wanted to approach the health sciences from a Biologist perspective … although for many it was «a waste».

Since I remember, I have always liked the subject of biology and later I found that I was interested in research. I discovered it when I did the «Scientific Bases of Criminal Investigations» summer course at the University of Oviedo during the summer of my 1st year in High School. 

Throughout the degree in Biology at University of Vigo, I was especially interested in Genetics because it has the living organism as an object of observation. Currently, I am studying the MSc in Genetics and Genomics at USC and UVIGO. Both of this aspects of Biology are fundamental in health and are being applied at the diagnostic and prognostic level of a large number of diseases. Applying genetics may be the key to treat certain rare diseases and types of cancer.In the area of genetics I can combine my interest in the health sciences with the research function; that is to say: what I always wanted.

Grants & Awards:

• Best poster communication: (jun. 2018 – CINBIO) Awarded as the best poster communication at II Anual Meeting CINBIO
• UVIGO collaboration scholarship: (2017-2018) Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Immunology.
• Poster presenter: (jun. 2018 – CINBIO) Presentation of the poster «Analysis of endothelin-1 (EDN-1) promoter region» at II Anual Meeting CINBIO
• Poster presenter: (jun. 2018 – ESHG/Milano) Presentation of the poster «Analysis of endothelin-1 (EDN-1) promoter region» at the ESHG Conference